Alright, so last weekend we went to a "Swap Meet" for Brad at one of the local hobby shops. The meet was somewhat a dud, so we had lunch with my Nana at O'Charley's. Afterwards we went back by the hobby shop only to see that it was still pretty lame. We were trying to decide what to do with the rest of our Saturday. While we were sitting in the parking lot, Brad noticed a HUGE Antique and Thrift store next to the hobby shop. We ventured in... Margins Charity Thrift and Variety Mall. It's the perfect mix between a thrift store and a high-end antique mall. It's fairly new, so all of the space isn't filled. They rent out booths to anyone interested in selling. I'm not exactly sure how it works, so contact them for those details. Anyways, we spent a good 2 hours walking around and marveling in the treasures it offered. As experienced antique-thrift shoppers we were amazed at the low prices. Everything was so reasonably priced. We stumbled upon these two pretties...
Pine Coffee Table with Storage $89.99
Pine Sofa Table $69.99
YES! Your eyes do not deceive you... Together they were only $160. We had a hard time walking away, but we did. At first. We walked around and talked about making such a big purchase. See to us, this is a big purchase and a big commitment in our small studio. We are frugal and never spend this amount at once. In the end we couldn't leave without them. Brad pulled the trigger and swiped the card. We couldn't fit them in the HHR, so we came back that night with one of Brad's work vans. Big shout out to Jeff, Brad's boss, for being so amazing and letting us borrow the van for a few hours! We brought them home and after Talbot's approval, they fit in quite nicely. We had to get rid of our broken down entertainment center and our warped $20 Ikea coffee table. In the end, it was all worth it and we are SO glad we spent the money on these little gems. We later found out that online they go for over $300 a piece! WOW, yeah I'm still in shock. Please excuse the darkness of the pictures. We took them around 12AM after we got everything settled.

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